As a Pearl, I also have a dream

Late at night, sitting quietly at his desk, look at these past days, suddenly a sense of sadness welled, and do not know where this sense of sadness would come from. Duo reference books before sliding however, and leaned over a book picked up, leaned over the moment, think of the essay on a famous student in high school speech: a shell spawned a Pearl requires a life time, so someone nurturing a dream and how long will it take? Competitive collective, really tired.
Recently two quizzes, are less than ideal, the gap between dreams and reality, really so distant? Keep repeating the same exercises, but no good, even better. I told myself over and over again: keep going, will get better.
Dad says he really envies me. From an early age he is eager to have a wall of books in the House, daughter now has come true. People rarely have the opportunity to struggle for the dream once in a lifetime, breakthrough impossible, daughters have to work hard at this time.
Father smiled and said these words to me, I saw my father's face, think this used to fight for the ideals of the young man's Word, not moved to name spontaneously. Today is my parents wedding anniversary on 17. They have a 16-year old daughter, daughter, purposely to flower shop with a bunch of flowers to his mother. Mother holding a bouquet of pale pink stood in front of father and daughter. Girls suddenly found great satisfaction this is a woman. When the meet the woman before and after preparing food in the kitchen, his song to penetrate the entire House.
A shell gave birth to a Pearl, its flesh was tortured severely, with his own blood into the Pearl, Pearl, bright morning jade met monitor, cart through with school, suddenly felt the presence of the monitor so familiar sinking of eyes, slender jaw. Third, we are so. Everyone is a shell, a Pearl will jump up all. Limitations of the dream and the reality in front of us, because we still have the opportunity. BACK
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