Exam how to get back after losing points

Children in the study often exist on the following errors: midterm exam after the won't bother to look at the papers, not to mention the examination paper analysis. Many parents focus on their children in midterm exam results and rankings, but ignored to help children on the papers "salvage" score.
Experts say parents should fully recognize that midterm exam focuses on research on the diagnosis of learning abilities. Midterm tests are diagnostic tests, a diagnosis of students in their academic work what is the problem, the other is diagnosis teachers on teaching what is the problem. After tests to diagnose children learning problems can go through two steps: one is to do the examination paper analysis, the second is to deepen the essence of the score, analysis of recent children's learning environment.
Test paper analysis and primary analysis of children which parents exert normal, which kind of display is not normal; which are strengths, which is weak. Then children and drop points-scoring conditions, stop hard accounting on the papers "salvage" score points. Too difficult, does not stop to think about it. Focus on discussing children can do, will do, I should know, and should be, and deserves it, but lost it. To make clear where is should not be lost is lost, also found reasons to find improved bias, and ways to strengthen implementation.
Teaching case victory confirmed that after examination paper analysis, students with 70 points, in the midst of learning teacher's examination paper analysis can identify 10 or more "does not need" score points. And then usually after "losing" cessation of targeted teaching students next time you are able to get a good score.
Period test Hou, check leak filling are its Shi senior experts Chen teachers said, each semester of period test Hou, is students tutorial of perfect during, then students learning has into track, through period test Hou, students has show out many learning Shang of problem, just from analysis papers to check leak filling, and combs learned, and control problem-solving thoughts and approach, for students of personality learning characteristics targeted, to synchronization progress for pointing mainline, while tutorial Qian stage lacks of learned, Students receive immediate and dramatic results in the next test.
Midterm exam results simply reflect the learning situation of the students in the first half of the semester, but excessive entanglement on the score is not a good idea. Parental anxiety can affect a child's mood, and arouse the child scolds and low self-esteem, more bad luck in learning. On the middle school students, education outcomes are not fantasies begin to think if development approaches have problems, there is no effect to the learning approach that is bound to be tired, got more tired. Learn to plan, and to fit their training approach, talent easily won high marks. Wise parents will actively apply this midterm exam, an opportunity to make this changes the child learning achievement. BACK
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