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Jin Weirong said that primary and secondary school teachers the th and sentenced to different levels of governance. "After entering junior high school, faculty governance pay attention to ' let go ' and will make children more at home. Professor learning time is not like a primary school that is very smooth. "
This style of governance structure, early primary students learn to "change the brain", that is, learning approach changes. "Not passive learning, automatic learning. In particular by walking in front of teachers, including world learning home automatic solid review and preview of the day. "
"Mathematics and mathematics learning in primary school felt fine watchword, but junior high school math is much more difficult, sometimes understood in class, but to my questions could not have done it. "Many preliminary city to catch up with such suspicion. Jin Weirong said this is because the children did not put my brain "switch" to middle school mathematical thought forms. "Lift a example, primary school with cumbersome approach contest debate formula problem-solving, approach on that several, teachers also will with students do repeat exercises, in repeatedly process in the, children is easily on will full AMN Xiao this title standard problem-solving approach, but rose into junior high school, children in a section class within learn to of May is a mathematics concept, teachers not hands-on repeatedly repeat practice, needs class Hou I of Digest and understand. Junior high school mathematics is in fact ' for brain ' children's ' primary ' go into ' adult '. "
Exercises and summaries as major primary school mathematics and mathematics and the major difference is-the content and objectives of investigation divisions. Jin Weirong said, beginning the first semester will touch "divisible", "score", "ratio and proportion", "perimeter and area of a graphic", etc. "Students on preliminary, they learn the ' limitations ' extension. Due to previous students are arguing in the disposal of integers and natural numbers, fractions, decimals mixed but still demand, resulting in many students all catch a debate can be difficult. During the semester break difficulty progressive debate and analysis. "
Jin Weirong initiative debate to progress, should do more exercises. "In practice, the exercise was indeed need, however, is more important to listen to the teacher due to summarize, at the same time, students automatically take into account, and also to find himself down th, for example, in so many different style of argument structure, should do it that way. "
"Dead on" drive pre first grade beginning mathematics will gradually rendered some of the more complex problems, discipline inspection objectives also gradually to examine children's thinking, logical transition, and add a space to imagine. Therefore, most children after entering junior high school, will suddenly not to comply. Jin Weirong said the junior, beginning teachers will instruct students to progress. "In every class, teachers normal preparatory progress for the city's problems. As a student, you gotta be willing to take these ' problems ' response. Sometimes, not because the title was difficult, and you disarm surrendered, not willing to do, or good teacher explains. "
Jin Weirong said that many titles are really beginning to work out, but if students don't worry, automatic consideration, gradually progressed. "Catch the lion, for help to the students and teachers of students can also query-related materials to the library, find some similar topics to study. But at the same time, but also a degree of relaxation, for example, if a title considering the 20-30 minutes no problem-solving thinking, so you can be on the back burner, and teachers to help out. "Jin Weirong suggested, absolutely not" erudite and informed ", students are able to find the same type of heading to exercise, on the one hand to test I can fully understand, on the other hand after exercise also play a strong role.
His initiative caught the problem, there must be a "breakthrough casserole bottom" flesh, ask yourself, "is there a better style patterns of solving problems." "To the secondary school, students began to control a problem with multiple solutions. For example, primary weekday there are two poses to solve math applied in patterns, one-column argument, another equation controversy, students compare preferences in-line argument, but in mathematical thinking, and battle the debate is one of the main ways of solving problems, junior high school students form th should challenge and get used to this idea. ”

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