Interview book unfriendly to people timely system is the key

Positive employment peak, some "employment Guide" books also began to sell book, how to package what are resumes, interview techniques, this is some fresh out of school "job beginners" are particularly attractive. Experts reminded readers, however, do not blindly believe that fancy job instruction, including many errors!
Some on the job instruction is "guiding" readers: form to stand, accentuate your individuality. There was a personnel manager had got a letter job wrote on the envelope: "don't look at my resume, you will regret for life. "Opened it, only to find that 3 typos, with predictable results. "Pop" resume is not different in form, but to essentially show personalities, such as filling out resumes and accurate terms, to reflect their ability to control text; in content writing special school, internships, to reflect the personality and outstanding ability, such "eyes lit up" before employers feel comfortable. Of course, is not unique in the form of taboos, play resumes with the yellow copy paper, for example, unique to perfection. Resume package is not simply "sentimental mushy", but not exaggerating false "camouflage", but should apply for different professions make the appropriate changes. Department of physics, such as a girl want to do secretarial work, she can do a certain amount of their professional background "blur", to "a University Physics Department" for "a University Bachelor", which eliminates the employer can result in "talent mismatch" a bad impression.
Interview skills, some instruction on the "trick" is not so good. When the interviewer asks how much is your salary expectations, says in the book, from passive to active, able to have the confidence to ask him: "how much are you going to? "But in fact he is a few hiring managers appreciate the style, more receptive to answer is:" I've heard friends say, this job market is right now...... "and also different cultural background has a lot to do with the company. When your boss asks you: "5 years later you wish you were the kind of jobs? "The phrase" just like you "answer might make flamboyant American particularly appreciate, but may be reserved reserved before succumbing to the East. Interview question and answer is not, as some job seekers guide book written, such as "standard answer" how "people system, time system, the system should be appropriate" is the key. BACK
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