Kids rule the roost in Nanjing national English contest

The third "national teenage English skill contest" recently ended in Beijing, Nanjing Division young riders to get success. Yudao Street primary school six grades of primary group Speech Contest Grand Prize for Cao Yue.
It is reported that the contest entry since last November, Nanjing Division a total of 870 students participated in the preliminary round, semi-finals and 50 final, Beijing competition. Eventually, they won 1 Grand Prize, 3 first prize second prize, 9, 25, 11 third prize award of excellence, results in the forefront of the Division. In addition, the South training 7 students respectively at the national tournament in German, Japanese, French, performed a fable, fairy tale, and the sitcoms and other shows, cheered by the audience. Training also won one of the top 6 outstanding organization award. BACK
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