Mathematics lecture method

Class is the main form of math. Learn in a teachers ' Guide, inspire, help, you can avoid detours, reduce the difficulty, in a relatively short period of time access to a large number of systems of mathematical knowledge, or wasted effort, to improve efficiency. Listening is the key to learning mathematics.
Lectures of method, except in preview in the clear task, do has targeted to solution meet himself of problem outside, also to concentrated attention, put himself thinking activities tightly with Shang teachers of lectures, open head, thinking teachers how proposed problem, analysis problem, solution problem, special to master mathematics thinking of learning method, as observation, and compared, and analysis, and integrated, and antibody, and deduction, and General, and specialization,, is how using formula, and theorem, understand which implied with of thinking.
When you listen, understand the content of teacher on the one hand, thinking, or to answer questions posed by the teacher, on the other hand also to independent thinking, identifying what has been understood, which still have doubts or have new questions, and have the courage to put forward their views. If the class cannot be solved overnight, questions or issues should be noted, left to themselves or ask the teacher, and continued to concentrate on listening to the teacher, not due to a missed, the thinking is here to stay, affecting the back of the class. Also has a math tutor to remind you that, when listening to the teacher, supplementary note content and methods, for review purposes. BACK
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