On harmonious compositions

Principals in my class lectures when I said something like: "if people around you are seen as the devil, then you're living in hell, if you were around as an Angel, then you live in heaven. "I clearly remember this sentence make me smile otherwise expressionless face. This sentence teach me a philosophy, a truth in life.
Throughout history, sounds like the world you compete. Contradictions are everywhere in life, in ancient times, Kings struggle, killing brothers. In the modern society, people fight for the interests for the benefit of you killed me. Everyone seems to live in their own world, the world only, others are enemies. Some people in order to gain what they want to be, to betray their loved ones and friends. How such a horrible world.
We play many roles in your life, we are teachers, students, students of the students and parents of children, a friend of a friend. We play so many roles, in each role are all doing very well? Does not appear to be, in life with the quarrel, clashes between teachers and students, indicating treason parents, betrayal between friends, these things are everywhere. And that some of these things affect our mood and affect our lives. Some things even when we win, but you also never get happy?
I read a story like this, two sisters went to announcer for an interview. One put a sleeping pill in another tea, making it unable to attend an interview. Finally, she admitted that she got what she wanted, but she can never lose this friendship. In her lifetime she will no longer have this relationship, she would not be happy. Win what? You'll be happy?
A person living in the world is not to prove who is stronger, a living in the world as long as there's good enough. With good faith and sincerity to treat everyone. With love to do everything and everyone as angels. World in harmony, at least in your world is harmonious, is beautiful, it is a paradise.
People indifferent to the feelings, to create a beautiful environment, the creation of a harmonious atmosphere ... ... Harmony to make you happy, make your world, and live better. Make the people around you are angels, make your life transit BACK
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