Reading comprehension depends

Reading comprehension is a very important sector, how well is a problem. Usually have more reading, see some beauty paper, like narrative paper believes everyone are can see understand, but beauty paper need find feel, some when see more has, you of feel on will to has, certainly, also not no law can through: in reading Shi, to look keywords sentence, grasp its basic meaning, recognize they in sentences in the of specific meaning, according to context wondering they of sublimation meaning, especially to learned in reading text material in the found effective information, that is on answered reading material requirements by of mention problem of text and content. There is a clear right answer in the original, to make good use of reading materials in the "original" material and decisive answer. Generally do not affect the sentence or the full text to understand new words, you can put the past, not to understand. Important new Word, don't worry, and don't give up easily, we can take depending on the context to guess the word guessing words or Word-building methods to guess the meaning of this word, this method we need practice. Composition and reading points not open, regular of more do some reading, can improve you of writing level of, some when you even can put you read had of good of sentences directly using to you of composition among to, also has is put you life among occurred of some things wrote down, diary of form also can, anyway in exam Shi, from life of composition often can moved examiner, "literature not separation", tutor recommends everyone can select sex of read some history books also will on everyone of language learning has help of. BACK
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