Students competing for "the countryside" to teach

Today, in the normal supply and demand of graduates on the fair organized by the Jinan University, Jinan Education Bureau plan to recruit 50 volunteers "countryside", did not expect graduates to enroll for more than 500 people, surrounding counties and schools in previous years, few people know of the provincial capital, now has become students who compete for the "meat and potatoes".
Today, the normal supply and demand of graduates fair in Jinan City, Jinan University West Campus, attracted more than 20,000 graduates to, admission to the fair site waiting people packed. Within the site, Jinan City Bureau of recruiting booth especially rural education volunteers "eye-catching" applicants exceeded 500 people throughout the day, which was surprised by staff responsible for registration.
It is understood that this recruitment is not only "the threshold" low, college graduates can apply, but also provided more favourable treatment. By 2007, according to the needs of rural schools in Jinan City, in accordance with the principle of selectivity, open selection for at least two years, achievements of outstanding volunteers and qualified as a teacher, hired to the faculty.
Volunteers rushed to the "countryside" behind, is the current provincial normal school graduates realistic contradiction of supply than demand. Reporters found that undergraduate teacher-training graduates and careers in the past cities around the County, today's sharp decline in the demand for teachers, a teacher posts tend to attract more than more than 10 or even dozens of graduates at the competition.
"We now only accept local graduates in zhangqiu. "Zhangqiu City Bureau of education responsible for recruitment of staff had" difficulties ", he said, only local normal school graduates have more than more than 290, zhangqiu, already saturated. Changqing District Department of education explicitly in recruitment, admit only a small amount of English, geography and biology graduates, others do not. Zhang Duankui principal said in the recruitment of jiyang, with Jinan secondary education through a high-speed development period of this year, the demand for teachers, resulting in more prominent the contradiction between supply and demand of graduates of normal universities this year.
"The countryside" road of increasingly narrow circumstances, voluntary service "countryside" teach no doubt will become a new mobility. It is understood that the deadline for the registration will continue until the end of June. BACK
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