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Review the contents must be consolidated on a regular basis, review the number should grow over time gradually decreases, interval can be gradually lengthen. From the time of the arrangement, our new knowledge of the day week by week summary, monthly sum, midterm, final systematic review of the semester. From a content perspective, each instant recall of knowledge, knowledge needs to be combed every unit, for knowledge, each chapter summary. Knowledge must be connected in series, describing knowledge structures, knowledge networks, and achieve overall grasp of knowledge and methods.
Instant review for instant review, there are two points to note: first, of course, is catch review of textbooks and class notes. But before you read textbooks, it is best to try to recall. Briefly, said memories of the day the teacher again, this way, you can check the effect of class on the day will slowly improve memory, enhance the ability to read and organize your notes. Memories after the textbook and notes, focusing on watching can't remember or fuzzy impressions of the place. By comparing the two complete textbook knowledge to understand, learn, and remember. And fully understand the notes listed on the exercise and the teacher was explaining the essence of.
Followed by the reference book review. In the wake of a certain understanding of knowledge and content around Learning Center to see references of relevant content. And wonderful, wonderful exercise extract on the class notes in a timely manner, to extend the depth and breadth of knowledge, to promote the learning of a virtuous circle. Conducive to deepening understanding of new knowledge at the same time, benefits widen students ' ideas, contribute to the development of students ' thinking and creativity.
Regular review because of newly learned knowledge, forgotten will be relatively fast and more which we need regular review. At first interval is shorter, with memory consolidation and deepening, we can make adjustments according to their own situation, review intervals may be extended appropriately. Information used by reference, of course, notes and so on, also may be appropriate to select different difficulty levels of questions to practice, increase the problem of fluency and accuracy. BACK
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