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The day before the exam, the most important thing is not considered reviewing whether comprehensive, but ask yourself whether there is confidence. Review is impossible fully to achieve full, comprehensive, focusing on content find out you can. Teachers explicitly and repeatedly stressed the important content, and the other is his weakest times wrong place. If these had been no problem, could settle down to, and repeatedly implying that his "has been very well prepared, and believed that they could do a good job", when such an examination to enter the best.
Stable mood, and avoid vicious stimulation.
Sleep on the night before the exam is very important. Many students wanted to seize the "golden hour" review for a while, but sacrifice sleep for the night before the examination to review is worth the candle. If depressed, I feel at ease, when it's hard to control. Only brain cells have an opportunity with energy in order to correctly on a test ride.
Contained in the examination hall, don't pass up each section.
From getting up in the morning to enter the examination room on test day, always maintain a calm relaxed mood, must not let each small plot.
To have plenty of time to eat.
To eat well, generally high in vitamins, high-calorie foods. Most exam 1.5 hour before dinner, but don't eat too much, or too much blood still in the digestive system, brain ischemia, affected candidates of intellectual play.
To not leave the examination room too early or too late.
General 15-20 minutes before the exam. Too late, and interface with various factors can easily undermine good psychological feelings; too late, too late will walk after the sense of movement, and get the papers appeared hasty or panic after feeling, will adversely affect the entire examination of the situation at the beginning.
Swift taboo to talk about.
On the way to the test site, walking speed must be slow, fast can lead to feeling of panic, making nervous. Not to talk to the students to review the content and topics for discussion. Because, in discussing the conversation will often find themselves in certain places not yet understand, the result was immediately nervous, confident feeling swept away. One of smaller other mental and emotional loss is not worth it. BACK
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