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Children immediately to Shang a grade has, for many time not many of parents for, what please tutor good also is not please tutor does, in here I good analysis about, primary school a grade, in learning difficulty Shang for, should is compared simple of, children is in learning stage, on various new content master of most fast of time, many parents think, please tutor also is is good of, for what does, a is many parents special busy, didn't time, II is find a good of tutor teacher does can help children learning, Third, the tutor can also help children develop good study habits, and contribute to the future of learning and life.
Therefore, according to my understanding of the family, I think if the time is not a lot of parents, preferably in the child's first year when a tutor to the child, not only can you take care of the children, also help children to improve their learning ability. BACK
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