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6 skills of spoken English

Language exchange and have a large vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar are two different things. As far as the knowledge of the language itself, we have passed. We are missing is to use English in the Exchange, only to relate to each other in Exchange for thinking the password cracked. Same thing in a different language environments mean is not the same.
Suggested learning objectives we shrink, the pursuit of big and wide knowledge of English into a pursuit of a quantitative technique, I think there are 6 types of skills, by Americans and the United States the key interactions between people, if we can master these 6 skills, you can better understand the thinking of Americans, to learn English.
First, how to use simple English to define a skill. 80% Americans talking to Americans was to tell each other what the thing is. Our textbook vocabulary difficulties deepened, but the logic structure only remains at the same level.
Second, if you have learned to define, but understand there are deviations, then training How toexplain things in differentways (explaining the same things in a different way). Is an expression he doesn't understand, Americans will be looking for another kind of expression ultimately make herself understood. Because things are one, but its language may be many. This will do substitution exercises. Traditional teaching methods do substitution exercises, but not really with this replace, just language replacement, rather than thinking of replacing.
Third, we must learn to how Americans describe things. Americans description of space from the inside and the outside, from the inside and tables. Americans at the time of the description says the most important things out first, then foil.
Finally, learn to use the important United States idioms. Is not easy to learn, easy to understand puzzling thing is "idioms". So what is an idiom? Is each word you know, but put them together, you don't know what that means.
Finally, learn two languages translation capacity. This is one of the most important standard for measuring spoken. Since English is not our native language, we are born with our own mother tongue. Many people believe that learning a foreign language must be losing his mother tongue, this is not the way.
Six, to be guessing. Why little communication between Americans and the Americans, the Chinese and the Chinese ambiguity? Just because they can "guess". In Exchange, there is a word you don't understand, you can't go to the dictionary, guessing at this point to build a bridge to fill the gap, or communication is interrupted.
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