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Those years, those time, I can't recall, sometimes feeling a little strange, icy cold, but no way to make it back to heat. Maybe too weird, in my career, never understand you, who told you that came to my mind to visit it! As if I asked you, we were all too stiff, cool.
As long as you've been to places I know, because you hid in the back of my mind, shake every now and then, a little feel very accurate feeling was sent to, so I have nothing to hide, you don't have to, and too much to ask. Of course, I know your idea, is simply trying to destroy some of the memorable things, no matter how sad, it is clear, I think it's too late, it has no meaning, your steps, I think is clear, please do not continue to hide!
When when I could not find you, maybe I was wrong, perhaps your mind is too stubborn, I cannot be a positive conversation! I understand too much, no, I should say too sensitive! I never trust anyone easily on my point of view, just think you are so unusual, natural, you don't feel a sense of pride and pride in front of me, useless, useless.
Please you real some, put you of that sets thinking passed to I, let I know you in wants to what, in on I has which discontent, I wants to I has right know's, although you not out, but I also will waiting for, I in also cannot capacity you in I of world in mess make mess, not only I bear not up, and also has too more of people, with I work, if in this season in appeared any yiwai, that is spatio-temporal also change can't of, you said does!
Friends, you come back, you belong to me, my soul and my thoughts are with you, even if you wanted to destroy me, but there is no need to take anything from me, under me, you should be gentle, kind, makes easy to understand people, how would say go? Do you want to do, "out of mind" affair, even if it's no use me more tired is it? Hope you can preserve everything I don't kill my days and dreams, so I walked out of the darkness, exactly is escaped.
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