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Good study habits that will decide the child's life

In the process of child development, more or less have some bad habits, how to let the kids have a good habit, small tape with you.
A, and consciously preview habits 1, and understand by to learning of new knowledge 2, and prepared good class by needed of book, and this, and stationery and the information 3, and using reference books help preview 4, and put encountered of not understand of at and difficulties mark down II, and carefully observation habits 1, and conscious to using depending on, and listening to, and taste, and olfactory, and touch, feel organ to observation things 2, and observation full, and clear, and find features and the features three, and seriously listens habits 1, and concentrated attention, and concentrate on listens 2, and listening to clear by told content 3, and side listening to side wants to, and understanding content 4, and Can note about points four, and willing to Exchange habits 1, and dared to published himself of views 2, and patience to listening to finished others of words again statement 3, and talk clear, and full, and simple clear 4, and attract others statement of strengths, added and corrected himself of views five, and diligent reading habits 1, and concentrated attention seriously reading 2, and side read side thinking, understanding reading content 3, and repeatedly reading, and using circle designated, method understanding meaning, right problem-solving.
Six, and independent job habits 1, and first review Hou job 2, and do job Shi wholeheartedly, not and do other of things 3, and independent job not plagiarism 4, and job handwriting neat, and format specification 5, and finished job timely check, and found errors timely corrected seven, and willing to hands-on habits 1, and often using learning help learning 2, and through drawing, and demonstrates, to help himself learning 3, and dared to hands-on for small invention, and small created of attempts to
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