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How to do home work

Teacher how to do home work, good attitude is the root cause of tutor work.
Milutinovic said: attitude is everything. Today, the Faculty for a tutor job, not just a casual help students counseling students that simple. Trainees spend a huge cost, is a service of the purchased merchandise, trainee requirements are very high. Not intellectually, tutor of seriousness, it is impossible to do tutoring work.
In practice, many of the teachers service consciousness of the tutor Center strong, weak sense of time, poor sense of responsibility. You know, if teachers cannot work at home so that the trainees to improve learning, and enhance their interest in learning, master correct methods of learning, and improve learning ability and academic achievement, and so on, made obvious progress, students are generally not satisfactory. Good attitude, will reflect the specific tutoring work.
Second, careful preparations are the premise of doing tutoring work.
All things stand, does not advance the waste. Full-time teachers to prepare lessons every day, even if taught with many years of experience a wealth of excellent teachers, on the lessons never be lazy. We must not think of courses taught by very simple, you can play on the spot. In fact without careful preparation, the class is more difficult to do good, which will greatly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of instruction.
How to prepare it? Program General following: first understand students party of learning status and this times please tutor of needs, then proposed has targeted of tutor counselling programme, prepared good counselling material and taught plans; prepared good lessons this; in each tutor work began Shi, are to on last tutor counselling Hou of effect for detection; each tutor work end Shi, are must proposed some left to students thinking of problem or to do of job,.
Third, certain capabilities and method is a concrete step of doing tutoring work.
Winners find a way, loser excuses. Succeeded in doing home work, is based on the ability of our teachers themselves, and at the conclusion of their study methods on the basis of using a systematic approach to guide his tutoring work, often much more effective. I suggest the teacher friends from cultivating students ' interest in learning, mastery learning methods, and are keen to help, counseling, targeted a lot, every guidance has an elaborate plan.
Four, good communication and students not only able to tutor, also determines the effect of tutor work.
Current student writers to teach teachers have been increasingly critical of teachers must build up enough confidence. In a sense it can be said that there is not enough confidence, determines the success of the first lecture. From a capacity point of view, we tutor, is fully capable of. In fact, many of my friends accept the interview of parents for the first time, tend to be less confident, think about it: to not trust himself, other people can trust you?
Must have self-confidence, attitude of confidence so that the trainees to improve learning, enhance their interest in learning, master correct methods of learning, and improve learning ability and academic achievement, and so on, have made significant progress. To constantly of and parents communication, and parents appropriate of discussion students learning Shang of various problem and other related problem, get parents on himself of teaching way and style of recognized; Dang students made results or progress Shi, to to appropriate of way let parents know; Dang students exists some learning or psychological Shang of problem Shi, to sincere, and active, and enthusiasm of and parents discussion solution problem of approach.
Five, only students and better communication to ensure the success of tutor work.
Faculty student counselling is realized through communication, how to communicate effectively? First should prepared good long time talk of various material; second to has teaching plans and time Shang of has arrangements; then understand students and parents of character features, looking for topic; key is to effective from psychological Shang grasp students of learning needs, makes students real of was learning of fun, and and faculty intersect, and know of fun; do students of friends type of teacher is vital of.
In short, if the teacher can] do the emphasis on tutoring jobs, has actually been part of the effort, according to the above points, and do some preparation, is certainly qualified for tutoring work.
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