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How to help your child love learning

Parents know only as interest in learning, children's performance might actually improve. However, but I do not know how to help your child fall in love with learning? Small series up three suggestions of the experts, and we want to help.
One, parents to children's learning in perspective the focus often focus on children's academic achievement study (test for a few minutes? ranking in the class how many?), as a result, is to teach children, you do all the learning, all in order to obtain these external recognition. In other words, is in the training run to carrot rabbit.
If parents can teach their children, and on the achievement of learning focuses on learning, then you'll feel very different. The difference lies not send them to others, should talk to their children only, and learned some knowledge, progress for themselves, of course, happily. As a result, children can acquire knowledge, get a lot of satisfaction and achievement. In so doing, will cultivate a passion for running rabbit.
For example, when the children came back with a score of 69 mathematical results, parents on learning focus on academic achievement, would fly into a rage and said: "How did you get so bad? you lose face for our family!"
Focus on the learning achievement of parents, saying: "this time you got 69, said about one-third content is you don't know, MOM and dad sat down with you, see what this one-third is, how can we help you understand understand not. "In this way, children will continue to learn, to continue their efforts.
Children learn from the heart warmly, and children can learn and achieve their full potential, he made of real learning.
Second, develop a wide range of educational value a child's motivation was killed because one of the parents believe that school test scores well is the future promise of guarantee. Academic achievement of children to care too much, causing too much pressure.
However, the United States Dr Gardner, Professor of psychology at Harvard University (Howard Gardner) as early as in 1983, has proposed a "multi-factor theory of intelligence". Smarter claims to determine whether a child should be eight ability to do analysis.
Qian three items is traditional intelligence factors: 1, and mathematics logic capacity; 2, and language capacity; 3, and space capacity; addition this landmark of innovation theory, also added has 5 items new of capacity index, to judge a children whether smart, which including has--4, and physical; 5, and music capacity; 6, and understand himself of capacity; 7, and understand others of capacity; 8, and understanding natural environment of capacity.
The advocates of "multiple values" education theory, now affecting educational systems around the world. A physical good children (like Yao Ming), math scores than the other children at the school, in the traditional view, it is not a clever and highly valued children. According to Gardner, however this "theory of multiple intelligences", has excellent physical quality is also a big capacity, this smart kid is definitely worth parents properly.
So if parents value judgment, to look at the child's learning abilities and achievements, we would find that, in fact, each child has his sparkle, parents ' duty is to find these highlights, let it shine.
Third, the elastic to allow children to develop positive children learning enthusiasm forever, other than the put the kids really like to learn, there is need to develop a very important skill, is "flexible".
The so-called "elastic" means is that one person can handle the pressure, in the face of setbacks with the ability to accept the challenge. With the flexibility to learn children, can effectively deal with setbacks in learning, bad grades, negative reviews, as well as the pressure.
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