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How to remember an article

Method is very advanced memory techniques in the world, is commonly used by memory experts ways, if learning steps the system, can help us to recite an entire ancient books soon, our University, for example, has the following important steps:
1. Ready sites. Subject to the punctuation, every word a location, for example, of the University, there are more than 300 words, you first need to prepare 400 locations.
2. Familiar with the articles, get a general idea, to find words you don't know, look it up in the dictionary, good spelling, and then remembered words.
3. Read the article and understand the meaning of every word. Teacher says, familiar to memorize, this is important!
4. Number to every word, to put each sentence corresponds to the locations one by one, key to make a mark.
5. Take out the stopwatch, start memory article. Miss Guo said, the most important! Competitive mentality of fast, aggressive, accurate memories!
First of all follow their own first impressions, find keywords, and then quickly and place links. Every time you remember 10 words in mind, each recorded 10 review, once every recorded 50 sentences when you are finished reviewing, and then running my hands over the sentence, and then back again, make a mark with a pen was in the wrong place. All after the review, did not remember mark, then remember not remember and constantly reviewing on a case until the whole!
Memory also should pay attention to the following points: ① request yourself to remember 10 words, speed and faster second previous memory as long as 75% is right, don't pay much attention to accuracy; finished third to record everything about bedtime and morning rise and go over all, impress!
Back up the whole text, followed by remembering them chapter and page number, section number and page number links placed on the location of the first sentence to this chapter, of course, pay attention to the order. So that you know which chapter in which page.
Then to test their time, you can go back, or you can fall back to listen to the people around you, you can also let them checks from the Middle you, no problem.
Of course, the ancient learned back, back like any other type of article is also, by analogy, and some other types of articles would be better back, because there is no ancient esoteric, no prose difficult to understand!
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