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First, educate our children, do not stick to conventions in accordance with their aptitude, is the eternal truth, so the methods of child education varies, stubbornly imitation is very terrible, others say is common sense, for example some are extreme examples, do not necessarily apply to your child. Any society is impossible without a special case, it is because of their special family, special social environment caused by the personalities and special children. So it is important that children do you have your own way, rather than hearsay.
Their aptitude, it is important, that is, to recognize their children, their children's friends. Children now receive information, understand more sometimes than parents, this is the most the most troublesome thing, was the place where parents need to pay the price, children do not understand their own education cannot, of course, to start. Conscious contact with the inner world of children, in order to find out about education methods.
Second, how a man of education more important than skills education a peasant boy's parents probably can't read big words a sack, why can also cultivate students? First, I have to learn, b parents teach the truth in life, prompting the day's play. So, for children's education has two aspects: the education and life skills education.
Education for parents of children how to behave is a top priority. Other education can be done by others, but this one, the leading role of parents cannot be replaced by others. Elementary school children is a world view is formed, how a man's education is a great time. Most parents now consider only children learn things tend to neglect the education of life. Imagine a lifetime cost, education an ungrateful man, what use has a high skill? Let alone learn to behave, Kids understand the importance of learning, learning must also go, parents do not have to keep prisoners like watching children learn.
How a man's education includes moral law-related education, code of conduct education, social values, ideals and so on. Actually parents instilled in their children's life. Conscious effort to strengthen education in this area, for children, the sooner the better. Once the children have their own deep-rooted understanding in this regard, it will be too late, you may be worn to RAM won't help, this is how many parents feel the consequences, said more children the more annoying, reverse psychology, which is due to you not to occupy that piece of land.
How a man's education is the long-term, is imperceptible, is formed little by little in life. This long-term and real-time two characteristics.
Hear the first story from the child, he knew that the first thing that you do, from children to do things against your will for the first time, his Outlook on life is formed, then we as parents, how a man's education begins. All your behavior, either to him or to someone else, as long as there are children present, his influence quietly, you expect them to a Word, might in his heart of hearts left a lifelong impression. This is the long-term nature of education, is the most difficult place parents.
Now many media, real-time guidance of parents is important, because the media say is an ideal, typical things, such as in alleviating the burden of children, underwent a major media rendering, not doing homework, not at night, such as freedom of expression is not realistic. If not boot, kids will think that these are all taken for granted should not. Over time, it is difficult to change, even if he does, is not reluctance, to no avail. This is the real-time education and that parents need care and acute.
Skills education is needed to earn a living in the future, is an education at the school stage, if the child showed no advantage in learning, can be a means of livelihood there are innumerable children rely on to make a living in the future, could you speak more clearly? 10,000 step back and say, my children are ordinary people, as long as the efforts, knowledge learned, even if you didn't go to College, didn't go to Tsinghua, not when the family home, but other jobs, and enjoyed their live, is also very good.
Third, do not take children to see some parents may have not made in his studies, or want your children more than you, or pushy, always overestimate their children's ability to raise the child's request. Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, Chopin and a few? Tsinghua University and Peking University students it is one thousands of miles, high culture is necessary, rather than expectations are too high, pull up the seedlings, also don't treat kids like touch bet Awards frame of mind, always looking for a miracle. Always hope their children will become the home of the family, for example, some parents to their children a slight advantage, they consider to be their specialty, so they help foster results in vain, this is due to the parents ' lack of awareness of the advantages of growth. Children music, drawing and so on the initial interest was formed naturally curious, is that most children all in common. Growth is the child can learn skills from the continuous mining and creation, called the gift, this practice is needed in order to arrive at a correct conclusion.
Therefore, in order to view children as ordinary people, because it is, after all, the majority of ordinary people in the world, does not confirm before their children with special talents, to give the child walked most of the way, to correctly understand the relationship between specialty and course and learn book knowledge, but don't choose the wrong path, the expansion of other skills only as a knowledge must not be affected.
Chairman Mao said: the students ' learning, and other. Is the truth.
Four, don't believe the exaggerated qualities education in the 80 's, was popular in short, learn math, traveled the world, and this is not the truth at any time. Because basic education is the cornerstone of scientific development, science has no castles in the air, only the basic course to learn more practical skills more quickly. Most of the basic education is the quality of education, any time an insurmountable, the design professional will not, do not understand circuit research programs do not understand equations, possible?
Let the children down to learn lessons in school more than anything else, only learning courses can have wider employment. Because this knowledge is the basis of society, an industry must knowledge, that a child to college or not, this knowledge is also very important. In modern society, any industry needs, and require a certain level of knowledge, a level in primary schools and junior secondary forms, there is no basis, you cannot easily do your work at least, will be obsolete.
So don't be misled and ignored by some of the language on the basics of learning.
Five computers in recent years, to have a correct understanding of computer science society and schools hot topics, some literally do not know much about computers will be eliminated by the 21st century, this is pure sensationalism. The computer is just a tool, just like we worked with shovels. A lot of occasions is not forever, or which play a less important role, the computer is not everything. Besides, along with the strengthening computer intelligent, using a computer is as easy as if with a shovel, not how great knowledge. Any time you want to learn cooking. So the pupils a large number of computers, I disagree, and children were in the growth stage, especially eye injuries due to computers immeasurable, why to give the child an early exposure to these harmful things? And it is not too late to learn in the future, are not available to businesses to promote trust.
Most feared is a computer game, and a drug, once addicted, control human brains, exciting and hopeless.
What we call hard, then learning is hard, the hard thing no one willing to do, especially when the pampered only son? If there is a fun exciting computer, the result is the people reading, flying computer God. Practice-nerd, basically there is no top.
Basic course in order to learn, to prevent children playing computer games is very necessary, the danger to make children understand that to let kids know what you most need to learn. But you want the child to become a computer expert with this topic out of the game.
Six, the secret of success lies with parents of child education sustained no time to give up on their children's education. Professor Sun has the importance of child habits, said to foster a habit, at least 21 days of uninterrupted time, which actually starts with parents ' perseverance. 21 days to urge children to do something every day is not an easy task, do not believe you can have a try.
Real parents in their children's education is carried out after a problem occurs, from the problems don't want to educate our children on a daily basis. This is ad hoc and piecemeal basis education methods. Right to catch any possible educational opportunities, subtle discipline was the most effective.
Seven, don't require your child perfect absolutely perfect thing in the world is does not exist, one is human appreciation, the other is the aesthetic scale. Parents usually are to educate children according to their own criteria, so can not be asking for a perfect child, because parents themselves are not perfect, your idea may not be right, the scale may not always be appropriate. In addition, if you have perfect children's psychology, parent and child will live very tired, often conflict. Regular period, can lead to mental health, such as reverse psychology. Because the required perfect is the most brutal means of deprivation of liberty of children, the child's every move is monitored and constrained, the child's living space is an invisible cage, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children.
Eight, the kindness and kindness, but can't give up principles at any time children kindness and kindness, just strict requirements, is demanding, blindly tolerance is spoiled. Easing is necessary for children, like a tree, we need fertilizing and watering, it is necessary to trim, it is hard to become, unless it's a tree does not need trimming. But when loose, when strict is the most difficult thing to grasp.
My view is that involved questions of principle, is demanding time, no time to give up the principle.
So-called principle involves the question of how to behave. Children could not indulge, cannot ever be a cold face, but children's behavior when it comes to the problem of how to behave, it is not inclusive, must be as strict as possible ways to sanction, which remains a product of how a man's education is the most important educational, not a man, to learn and to what use well.
Nine, the duty of parenting responsibility is enough parent education level, social experience, the skill set is not the same, so for children, many people had trouble with feel bad, I don't have to. Parents can do their share of responsibility, with a clear conscience. All not parents can influence children, social complexity, we are just trying our best wishes and endeavored, whether it depends on whether the geographical and human. A lot of times we were powerless.
Also, the parents do not ask themselves and on parenting issues, there will be no aggressive attitude, not to the extreme, is very beneficial for children's education.
Ten, children's health is important here, said health health and mental health aspects and good health have nothing to worry about, now the parents of young children are in the hands, in your mouth, it goes without saying. Mental health, although people have come to recognize his importance, but how people experience. To raise my children as the average person to develop, with the usual State of the children's education, are effective means of preventing mental illness. To know the inner world of the child, its unusual behavior to heart, not because the young mind. When children and ordinary people's thoughts and actions is not the same place, it should be corrected, such as withdrawal, irritability, depression, extreme sex. People have flaws, but not to the extreme, or else. Both children and adults alike is to pay attention to. If necessary, go to the hospital for psychological treatment.
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