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Methods of improving test scores and tips

Want to improve test scores, on the one hand to work in the usual learning, learn the basics, and lay a good foundation, improving academic performance on the other, but also in test taking skills to work hard, to become familiar with the test feature and understand methods to maximize their existing potentials and levels. Here is the small series as we get our test methods and techniques, for your reference:
First, become familiar with the test questions, arrange the problem, not just a math exam, before any examination, you have to make it clear or explicit questions: how long is the exam altogether, total number, selection, fill in the blanks and other subjective tests how many points each. In this way, you are able to allocate exam time in examination, be sure to avoid not worth wasting a lot of time, affecting the answers to other questions.
In General, basic questions in front of not more than 40 minutes, at the latest, you had to leave for a long time and even more time to deal with the problems behind, because the topic means that you not only have to think, to write, and this topic does well to do well early junior high math.
Second, to ensure that the correct rates, learn to choose, to forgo during the test, be sure to choose according to their own situation, this is done to: ensure that topics will certainly be able to score, some will do or will not do the topic as much as possible, will certainly not be able to make problems, invest time or even started not to think as little as possible.
For good students, if the previous selections of blanks is going well, there is plenty of time, steadily over the previous big questions to complete the case, can impact the final finale title, to the high-impact.
For students of average degree, first to ensure front questions the basis of most scores will be Nuri al-, or even full. For questions in the first few questions, also spend as much time on certain topics would not do unnecessary points for questions the last two questions, do ask a few ask, even if later asked not to do it, also make sure that the front of the score, because the last two topics subject value is far less than the previous benefits.
For degree poor of students, first, based topics can will do of on must to do on, for big problem, can wrote several asked on wrote several asked, and last two road pressure axis problem if read finished zhihou think had difficult words, recommends bold gave up, don't think distressed, because you even spent has is long time to do to wants to also not can more took a few minutes, if put these time with in based problem problem in the, may will returns more big.
Many students without examination techniques is often the case, all the topics are all trying to do, but all topics are completed in a hurry, buggy, would have done the problem points due to haste or lightly, behind some big problem even in papers written on "many", but found only 1 with 2 points. Such students are in the test is a failure, we should learn from the lesson.
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