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Our life is full of smile

He, just one General of students, but, himself has double of mission, working school, care young of sister, maintenance sickly of father, the with sister Shang University of Hong zhanhui Hui, spread has country of across, in accept interview of he, moments are keep with a brilliant of smile, a strong of smile, not because himself of honors, but to family of life, himself of life of road, carved in heart, carved in face Shang of a smile, he of smile attract has I, to has I heart of shock, Originally, the power of a smile could make him shoulder the burden, insisted in the thorns of life.
Glitter costumes, dancing and moving dance, exudes a unique charm in this stage, the ever-changing, showing a "thousand-hand Bodhisattva" caught my eye, and lead the people, moon-like face gentle smile, wave stirs my heart over and over again. From then on the name Tai Lihua, with her moon-like smile in my heart. She is a disabled, hear this bustling city of the Memorial, hear bird ringing sound, but her smiling face, with the heart to feel the essence of music, with dance interpretation the meaning of life. As she stood in the "2005 China" figure at the podium, smile still on your face, not in tears, telling people with a smile: "I am strong". The power of a smile, you can make your own fate, can get all motivated to compose brilliant light in a different way.
Smile is the catalyst, make you more full of forward momentum in the face of setbacks, smile is a stimulant, thorns and rough you straight into the dark forest, meet your sunshine, spring, are successful.
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