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1, when a child is crying all the way to the world, is a pure white, pure and lovely, are we parents side effects include teacher education, the picture varies for each child. Some become trees, healthy and thrive, and some may be eroded by the bad habits, causing some damage to family, social. As a parent, the child's first educators, our mannerisms, constantly affecting our children. How to make children become educated, cultured and well-educated personnel, it should be is the question we parents have been speculating. Here, we are saying that they are how we educate our children, we communicate and learn from each other, together--the future of our country for our children a good upbringing.
2, in the study, I think that to develop good study habits have a lifetime. Kids today parents were highly educated, said coach children's learning is no problem, but it could cause the child's dependency, not pay attention to learning in the classroom and the school. From the first day he stepped into the gate, we should demand he must listen intently in class. Digest to the teacher in the professor's knowledge, does not understand never mind, don't be afraid to ask teachers, asked the students. In school is to learn knowledge, not not an embarrassing thing, pretend to know what is the most reprehensible, problems should be resolved within the school, in principle, cannot rely on parental guidance. After returning home, the first thing is to complete the teacher assigned homework to complete other activities can be carried out, rest days to complete the job of time arranged. Due from new age to develop a good study habit, child's psychology of learning will not be bored.
3, followed on the cultivation of personality, do not fear difficult, anything we must first have confidence, "I work hard, I can do it" is what we often say to their children, in confidence on the basis of thinking, analysis of the steps to achieve these objectives, step by step implement according to plan. The journey begins with a single step, it cannot find the target far away, as long as the solid step by step to do, before you know it you will find yourself closer to target. We also feel the need to foster a child's independence in case of problems to try themselves to face up to and solve.
4, getting along with classmates. We ask that children should not bully the weak, but not fear the strong, all things stations on the logic. Made a mistake it doesn't matter who cannot guarantee its own mistakes, the key is the attitude after making mistakes, admit and correct them, and to be a good child. Also to be honest, and let him watch some Fables, to experience the value of honest and kind.
5, people will make mistakes in different stages, most kids are not committed errors of principle, to treat children with our thoughtful, caring, concern, so that children can grow up in a loving environment. Remember that love is the essence of education!
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