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Parents of secondary school students attention to the rebellious child do!!

Children experience a special psychological changes from small to large, or "reverse psychology", when the child did not obey a bad education. But as a parent, as long as the correct treatment, child psychology is the ability to change.
Remember the children finished the first day of the final report card, bad final exam send me ignorant, he couldn't help my child right to launch fire, even ordered the children not be allowed to eat lunch. I said after many hard words, always obedient son suddenly fall transcripts, dropped a sentence: "do not eat what is the big deal! "He comes into the room," boom "to open up the door, shocked I left there.
In the summer, my son always indifferent to me, eating is hard work, without so much as a whimper, also refused to take a job to do. Obviously, this is the son of my demonstrations. Keep nagging, suppression was of no avail.
I can not do anything, access a lot of successful experiences of family education, he found himself always took out a picture of a superior parent, to see himself as the absolute "authority", without method, the son grew up and gradually produced a backlash.
I want to change this situation, first of all, I am looking for my son's advantage. I am usually staring at my son's grades, criticizing him for fun, careless, now thin, son, there's plenty of advantages: I was sick, my husband is not at home, he'll bring me water pills, treat grandparents very polite, never contradict them, not spending money ... ... I began to praise him intentionally or unintentionally, and casually asked him to do something for me. Her uncle on the phone the other day, Shijiazhuang city, invites us to play (his home in Shijiazhuang), I talk to son and son agreed. We boarded the train to Shijiazhuang, because this was his first time on the train, so it was very exciting, clear up, also referred to my shortcomings, such as nagging, autocratic, angry ... ... One by one I agreed. Our parent-subsidiary relationship much better. In Shijiazhuang, although not many places available to play, but can feel the city's downtown, I felt my son's mind seems to be open a lot.
On the train back to Suzhou, son holding back from Shijiazhuang of the world mystery read with gusto. I took as appropriate has half only released of a Zhang paper, above wrote with: "yihou mother no longer for results poor and sarcasm son, not interference son normal of students from, not mess temper, something and son discuss......" son finished, on I do has a faces, laugh with said: "since mother to do a didn't shelf of mother, I also to sacrifice some has. "He took the paper and wrote a head and rendered me so give me some statements: to listen carefully in class, instead of watching TV, not play games, make it home from school ... ... I stretch my little finger, son took the hint, and I pulled the hook.
Since this time, I try to change themselves, with the perspective of a child a child's words and deeds in the growth process. Son also had a welcome change, talkative, willing to tell me about school events, and also have made significant progress.
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