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Preparation chemistry entrance examination

① Chemistry entrance examination review should strengthen the consciousness of curriculum, centering in the course standard of middle school chemistry course objectives and content review standards.
② develop the review's overall plan. First round was carried out according to the textbook structure, focused on laying the Foundation, supplemented by some model examples and exercises. Through this round of review, to master the basic contents of each chapter and knowledge, deepen understanding and strengthen ties overcome forgotten phenomenon, when reviewing textbooks for this, a complete chemical knowledge system, the basic knowledge through the points, lines and surfaces into the network. For the purpose of the second round to improve, review to focus on systematic knowledge and skills, strengthening the integrated link between knowledge and skills, pay attention to summing up the regularity knowledge, deepen and develop understanding of the basics, through typical examples, summary of questions solving rules, research and problem-solving ideas, mastering problem solving standard. Third round of review to the use and mastery of knowledge and skills for the purpose, mainly in the regions of mock tests and exams for the calendar year material, strengthening and leak filling before the exam. Can also be done according to the existing problems of targeted studies, simulation exercises and adaptability examination must summarize the pros and cons, identify the cause of an error and cause of dropping points, to discuss how to avoid and reduce errors.
③ selection of exercises. For tests to examine focus, learning difficulties as well as the ability of key topics, to be able to make a problem, learning a method, class, pass, and cultivation of radiation thinking of giving top priority in exercise capacity and three into one complex thinking skills. But also to take into account all types of questions, give full play to function of different types of training, with particular emphasis on those with characteristics of the times, showing the spirit of curriculum reform of new questions, open questions, probing questions, information questions, and so on.
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