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Winter holidays education parents will reads

Here are some habits make children stupid bad habits 1: long enough modern nutrition found that eating too full, in the brain is called "fibroblasts growth factor" substances will be significantly increased. These fibroblasts growth factor can increase capillary endothelial cells and fat, promote atherosclerosis. If long enough, is bound to cause cerebral arteriosclerosis, appears premature brain and mental decline, and so on.
Bad habits 2: despised breakfast no breakfast makes people's blood sugar lower than the normal supply, inadequate supply of nutrients for the brain, a long time bad for your brain. In addition, the quality of breakfast was closely associated with intellectual development. According to the research, children generally eat a high protein breakfast the best in class thinking generally extended and vegetarian children relatively fast decline in mood and energy.
Bad habit 3: dessert tends to lower IQ scores of children excessive sweets too much. This is because the brain development of children without food in plenty of protein and vitamins, and appetite for sweets will damage, reduce appetite, reduce intake of high protein and various vitamins, induce malnutrition, which affects brain development.
Bad habit # 4: sleep sleep the brain is the main way to reduce fatigue. Chronic lack of sleep or poor quality will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, smart people will be confused.
Bad habits 5: man has specialists in language areas of the brain, often speaking will also promote the development of the brain and brain function. Should say something more content-rich, strong philosophical or logical. Silent, unsmiling people all day long and not necessarily smarter.
Habit 6: dirty air organ of the brain is the largest amount of total body oxygen consumption, oxygen consumption of 500-600 litres per minute on average. Only an adequate oxygen supply in order to improve the efficiency of the brain. Mentally engaged, especially about the learning environment of air hygiene.
Bad habit # 8: not the brain thinking is the best way to exercise the brain. Only use your head, thinking, talent wise. Conversely, unwilling to mental and physical situation can only accelerate brain degeneration, smart people will become stupid.
Bad habit 9: sick brain when unwell or suffering from the disease, continue to study or work, inefficient, and it can lead to brain damage.
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