"Civil law" construe information

, How to civil law in an exam?
1. guiding principle: (to book), again not sure; look but also too closely.
2. grasp material: General information, personal rights, property rights, creditor's rights, inheritance rights, infringement. (Among them, the introduction 35%--40%) 3 ... really need to look at what? (Focus: classification problem) (1) the classification of the civil rights (2). Classification of civil acts (3). Classification of agents (4). Classification of personal rights (5). The classification of debt (6). The classification of (7). Classification of property (8). Classification of infringing eight questions above is the absolute focus of the book! First, the classification criteria and, secondly, meaning of the term, finally, understand the significance of distinguishing it.
4. appropriate to do true subject.
Second, the emphasis of all emphases in civil law!
1. the principle of equality in the basic principle of civil law.
2. civil law:
(1) the legal capacity of natural persons, to conduct.
(2) care.
(3) the Declaration of disappearance, Declaration of death.
(4) arrived in nullification; indeed out for the joint venture is the lending terms is invalid.
3. the scope of the agent.
4. effective abort and interrupt 5. Rights of the person in the portrait and privacy 6. Deposited in a claims and confusion.
7. liability principle of tort liability, the eight special tort liability BACK
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