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Read on March 15, the Guangzhou daily is entitled to the student publication of the essay competition for primary school children ask for "final cost" news, and reminded me of years former literature instructor at a county in memory when. First see reported, Howe allowed primary school six grade students Huang Ling two months Qian to two copies students publications voted has two article essay, a article voted to x novel monthly of fourth session "XX Cup" national literary works contest organizing Committee; another a article voted to x Angel reported of "innovation literary works contest" Organizing Committee, results are "was named excellent works", in attached Hou of contest rules and treatment introduced in the, are said if wants to participate in final, need paid "review, and publicity, and archive, and certificate, costs 50 Yuan", "late not meeting", Finals will be disqualified.
Little Huang Ling is very clever, she didn't fall for it. Because she was with a fairy tale that took the grass in front of a donkey walking stories see the adult's deceptive tactics, said in the papers have to pay in order to participate in the finals, then why does it and does it cost? This is not a tiger fight it? Maybe it is not the "last", there will also receive an award once again ask what fees? I was doing literature instructor, I have seen many such treachery: essay contest sponsor can always catch the donkey fairy tale trick to cheat students of money.
It is when the damn! Some magazines, newspapers, particularly keen on organizing of all kinds of essay contest, put it nicely in the papers for the prosperity of campus culture, improve students ' writing skills and so on, in fact, intended only for the students ' money. Students do not understand things, easily fooled, read the grass and ass students, after all, not much of a story. They make the most likely is the most effective one is the Tiger fight, with free entry, followed by congratulations finalists and said to pay 30 yuan review fees and warm congratulations to you once again: xxx has won awards, and then required certificate fee of 50 Yuan, and so on, et cetera. What is more, what are they to "we are publications of the provincial, provincial Awards, certificates issued by the future of children seeking employment should be a great help" promises to lure students fall, in fact, this myth make empty promises.
The maximum harm this student essay, does not lie in increasing the financial burden on students, but they learned from an early age to buy fame of secular reason, which is bad for their growth. Prevalence of adult society is a type of game, as long as money is no impossible things, then why should we diligently Wu Wu is only inhabited it? Since money can move God, just master the skill of making money, even if it is by fair means or foul, why mastering scientific and cultural knowledge, and improve their own qualities cultivation? And if you see their hoax like Huang Ling, that will shake not only the children of the newly formed health values, will make them lose their longing for a better society for the future!
Fairy grass in luring ass tricks to deceive the pupil, is ridiculous and pathetic! In that case, teachers and parents may wish to take a beat, sponsors essay Tiger fight as a modern-day fairy tales told to the children listen and see how retarded they are! BACK
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