Leading by example, parents need to lead

Leading by example, parents to lead parents themselves must work also frequently, with their own actions affect the child. From small to large and children and parents together for the longest time, one or two days is nothing but a few years, more than 10 years of activity habit will become a mental suggestion to the child. Children unknowingly will mimic their parents ' behavior. If parents have bad habits to children would be held on this day to influence. Some parents know that their habit is wrong, but not control, always to say "don't be me" but this is a consequences of my heart to the child, is not himself a few words "don't" will be able to erase. To a child's development, we have set strict demands on themselves, bound by their own actions, not talk dirty, and actively participate in housework, work hard on more scores, and thus play a potential role. While not on the spur, quarreled in front of the children, their respective views of the children concerned. BACK
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