Parent family education education is the key to success

Modern family and parenting, with the changes of modern society, has become a worldwide problem. Family is based on marriage as the Foundation and blood-ties and forms the basic unit of social life, is the tiniest cell of the society. Socialization is the individual's first contact with the family unit is the cornerstone of social stability and unity. Therefore, a modern and healthy family, genuine and effective function of family education, become root and the Foundation of the development of State and society. Stable families and the importance of science education is obvious. So, exactly how to implement an education? The focus of today's family education in our country, we should be in which direction, which content on it?
Family education is very broad. It includes etiquette, family ethics of family life (relationship), family ethics, marriage, child education, family life education (environmental management, economic management, health management, recreation management, and so on) and parent education. This kind of content, is at present the most pressing and urgent parents, because the parents ' main objective is to improve the quality of parent education.
So-called parental education refers to educate parents, before the parents to educate their children, parents themselves to study, first in education. Parents of the importance of education is mainly manifested in:
1. Through parent education, improve the quality of parents, which will lay a solid foundation for improving the quality of the next generation, and will directly contribute to social stability and development, so as to further improve the quality of national population goals.
2. Through parent education, improve the quality of parents, changing education from examination-oriented education to quality education for the schools lay a better social basis and create a good social atmosphere.
3. Through parent education, improve the quality of parents, can reduce the incidence of even the root of the problem of children and juvenile delinquents. Because the problem root causes of poor children and young adults. Research shows that parents, teachers and other adults not correct educational thinking, ideas and methods, is the main cause of problem children and juvenile delinquents. Child's problem is not the children themselves.
4. Through parent education, improve the quality of parents, can improve the parents ' education ideas and methods of education and skills. To change parents ' specific educational methods lagged behind the growth of children, and to enable parents to have the ability to prevent and detect problems may occur in children.
Also, pay attention to two specific issues:
First, to avoid the family becomes a simple for young parents to pass on the knowledge and instill a tendency. Knowledge of passed is required of, but family of core thought is: help parents established education good children of confidence, guide parents understand education children process in the encountered of problem of roots, learned analysis problem, makes parents can real found as parents of "really I", and has courage admitted "really I"; in parents elimination various bad of psychological deviation in the, can real efforts achieved on children of has constructive of education. Because, every family, every one in the actual process of implementation of family education, the children and their parents, is the complexity of the issues that you are experiencing, if this does not resolve the parents themselves and the ability to cope with problems, it's hard to solve these specific problems.
Second, family education focuses on parent education. If home schooling is limited to how to foster children, and ignoring the real parents of the need to improve the quality, then this family is hard to achieve the desired effect. Parents ' quality is not high, how can you have a good family atmosphere, how can develop for the future needs of the community's physical and mental health and overall development of the next generation? France famous juvenile hosts Chris piano • Spitz Dr had such advice do parents of people: training you of children, more and children in with, because family of comfort Fu and care helps children of growth; watch don't in inadvertently abuse has children, children of potential whether get development, need of is encourages, encourages in the of children on future full confidence; don't for the children for too more of decided, parents is children learning of counselling who and not alternative who, let children learned happy life.
Spitz also warned parents to keep in mind the basic truth: our children are not for ourselves, not to fill the emotional void or to children as we realize the dream of life that are not paid; parents ' duty is to help them understand the need to take responsibility themselves. To do this, parents ' quality plays a decisive role. In this sense: the first step in family education, parent education; family's Center of gravity should be parents and need to really improve the quality of parents. Parent education is the key to the family. BACK
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